Tracer study (UV, NEU)

Ngày đăng: 04:30 - 13/12/2017 Lượt xem: 264
WP2.1 Design of the tracer study
First meeting:
- Scope of tracer study defined in collaboration with ministries
- Tasks assigned
- Timeline constructed
Second meeting:
- Progress reviewed
- Task reviewed
Final meeting:
- Final draft of the tracer study produced
- Final adjustments made
- Implementation plan decided
WP2.2 Implementation of Tracer Study in partner universities
Meeting with all partners for a decision on implementation
- Division of tasks
Study carried out with both quantitative and qualitative methods in individual universities
WP2.3 Data analysis
UV, UG and UU work with the Vietnamese partners on the analysis of the tracer study results
Meeting with all partners on results of the tracer study
- Discussions on how to implement interventions
WP2.4 Program design at partner universities looked at in light of tracer study results
Meeting with program designers about the relevance of the programs to the labor market
- Implementing quality assurance for curricula based on employer feedback
WP2.5 Sustainability of the tracer study
Meeting with the ministries in how to maintain such a study beyond the lifetime of the project
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