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Managament (HCMUTE)

18/12/2017 204 Lượt xem
Management committee Bi-annual management reports
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Disemination and Exploitation (Hanoi University of Industry)

18/12/2017 225 Lượt xem
Sharing results from the tracer study on a national level by hosting a meeting with other Vietnamese universities, in collaboration with MOET
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Quality plan

18/12/2017 419 Lượt xem
Quarterly webmeetings of the quality committee
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Skill development

13/12/2017 273 Lượt xem
Meeting about which skills graduates felt they needed, based on the tracer study
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13/12/2017 215 Lượt xem
Partnership agreements signed - with the annexes of individual budget allocation, management plan and quality plan
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